D Jesse Corbett Deck

D Jesse Corbett Deck

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Benefit board for our good friend Jesse Corbett. All profits will go to him to support his recovery. Below is  some background on what happened.

In the early morning hours of Monday, June 21, Jesse Corbett was involved in a motorcycle accident in Lafayette and was badly injured. He was life-lined to St. Vincent in Indy where he’s currently in stable condition in the ICU.

What we know:

Jesse has multiple fractures, on the left side of his body: skull, face, scapula, possible clavicle and two ribs. 

There has been one surgery done to his two middle fingers on his left hand to save the fingertips on those fingers, which was successful so far!  

They have done a CT scan to assess his brain and found bruising and bleeding. 

They have more scans and X-rays planned to assess as he heals. The swelling has stopped increasing but is still present. This is the source of constant attention.  Jesse remains sedated to allow his brain to continue healing.  There may need to be future surgeries required to cauterize the bleeding and remove blood clots.  

A small portion of his lung collapsed. To support the healing of the lung, they inserted a chest tube.  As of 6/22 they also inserted a feeding tube, while he is under continued sedation. 

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